The FiveBans platform is designed to protect the FiveM community servers from violators. The main purpose of the system is to store and maintain the global database of FiveM players, their rank (depending on the number of bans on servers), locks on servers, as well as feedback from server administrators.
Administrators of connected servers get access to the database using the HTTP protocol. Each administrator can check players, add and remove information about bans, while information about the players themselves gets into the system automatically.

It's fast

Information in the database is updated instantly

At the moment when the player receives the ban in vRP or ESX - the server module transmits the information to the database. From this second, the entry becomes available for each of the connected servers.

It's comfortable

Support for all major server frameworks

We have prepared for administrators a set of resources that can be connected to both vRP and ESX. The plans for the development of modules for vBasic.

It`s free

Open project for an open source

The project works on a non-commercial basis - this means that the administrator of any FiveM server can connect to the system and use all of its features for absolutely free.
For more information, see «How to connect».



Public test started!


The service was launched in a test mode, the development service servers were connected to the system and are already starting to fill the database with players noticed in gross violations.


The API testing of the system interface has been completed. Now all methods are working - ban, unban, getinfo, as well as several test ones, to get the rank of the player.

Get In Touch.

To connect to the system, you must apply.
All application requests are manually verified.

Your application is accepted! In the near future our representative will contact you.